MIRACLE WATER RESCUE REPAIR WATER is an extreme hair repairer and a powerful rescue miracle water that repairs, treats and improves the cuticle, hydrates the hair fiber, prevents the breakage points, provides shine and nutrition, improves the porous hair, smoothen the hair, increases the oxygenation, strengthens the weak hair, support the rebuild of the hair fibers.

This specific formula penetrates into the fibers to renew the damaged and over processed hair.

This formula rich with 30 natural oil and minerals blends silken, illuminate, smooth and shiny the hair. It penetrates, stimulates and fortifies with cooling the scalp and the roots of the hair.

DIRECTIONS OF USE: After shampooing the hair with miracle water shampoo, section the hair into parts, apply the miracle water lotion on each part and rub the hair for 9 seconds. Massage the hair in radial circular movements.

After applying on all hair sections, wash the full with water and apply after the leave in hair mask and the nutritive serum and blow dry. keep out of reach of children. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE. 


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